Serenity Ridge

Please enjoy the following videos that depict areas of Serenity Ridge that are currently available for purchase as well as areas that will be available in the future. Please send all inquiries through our contact page and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Inspiration Point

This area we call Inspiration Point. This is the last frontier of our burial grounds before the conservation easement and our trail network begins. There are ground burial and cremation sites in this area that are currently available for purchase.

Phase II Sections & the Road to Inspiration Point

This is a part of our “Phase II” planning which will be implemented later this year through early next year. This video also shows the path to Inspiration Point, which is accessible by car or by foot and is about a half-mile walk through Serenity Ridge. Some of the wildlife sightings on this path have been: box turtles, eastern wild turkeys, bald eagles, and many different species of hawk!

Founder’s Hill

This drone video pictures the area we will call Founder’s Hill. Sites in this area will be ready for purchase later this year and will include both cremation sites and ground burials.

Valleys & Meadows

These are our Valleys and Meadows, another one of the areas that is currently for available purchase. Along with Inspiration Point, this is one of our most popular areas. In the coming years, we have plans for reflection and zen gardens, tree plantings, benches and other landscape adornments that will be available for people to donate and use to find peace and serenity.

Natural Burial Gallery

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