When it comes to exploring burial options in Maryland there are many different options based on preferences and beliefs. Among the serene and picturesque options is Serenity Ridge Maryland, the first and only natural burial cemetery in Maryland. In this blog, we will delve into the diverse burial options available in Maryland, with a special focus on the serene allure of Serenity Ridge.

Understanding Maryland’s Burial Options

In fact, before exploring Serenity Ridge, it’s essential to familiarize ourselves with the various burial choices Maryland provides. From traditional cemetery burials to natural and eco-friendly alternatives like green burial grounds and conservation preserves, families have a variety of options that reflect individual values and environmental concerns.

Traditional versus Green Burial

Green burial and traditional burial are two distinct approaches to handling human remains after death. They differ significantly in their impact on the environment, the materials used, and the overall philosophy behind the process. So, here’s a comparison between the two:

Green Burial

  1. Environmentally friendly: Green burial focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of the burial process. The goal is to return the body to nature as naturally as possible.
  2. Biodegradable materials: The deceased is buried in biodegradable materials, such as a simple shroud or a biodegradable casket made from materials like cardboard, bamboo, or wicker.
  3. No embalming: Embalming chemicals, which are used to preserve the body in traditional burials, are not used in green burials. This helps avoid the introduction of harmful chemicals into the soil.
  4. Natural setting: Green burial sites are often located in natural settings like forests or meadows, allowing the body to decompose naturally and contribute to the ecosystem.
  5. Simplicity: Green burials tend to be less elaborate and more straightforward compared to traditional burials, reducing the overall cost.

Traditional Burial

  1. Common cultural practice: Traditional burial is the conventional and widely practiced method in many cultures. It often involves specific rituals and ceremonies.
  2. Caskets and vaults: Traditional burials typically use caskets made from materials like wood, metal, or concrete. Additionally, a burial vault may be used to encase the casket, intended to prevent ground subsidence but adding to environmental concerns.
  3. Embalming: Embalming is a common practice in traditional burials, wherein chemicals are used to preserve the body, allowing for an extended viewing period.
  4. Cemetery settings: Traditional burials are typically conducted in established cemeteries, which may have manicured lawns and headstones, creating a more structured and formal atmosphere.
  5. Expensive: Traditional burials can be more expensive due to the cost of caskets, embalming, cemetery fees, and other associated expenses.

Also, when it comes to exploring burial options in Maryland the choice between green burial and traditional burial pops up. Things to consider include cultural beliefs, and environmental considerations as well as location. Green burial advocates often argue that it provides a more ecologically sustainable and natural way to return to the earth, while traditional burials may hold more cultural and emotional significance for some individuals and families. Additionally, some individuals may opt for alternatives like cremation, which can also have varying degrees of environmental impact depending on the methods used.

Embracing Green Burial Practices

For those who cherish eco-consciousness and environmental sustainability, Serenity Ridge’s commitment to green burial practices becomes a compelling reason to consider it as a final resting place. Green burials involve minimal impact on the environment, utilizing biodegradable materials and native plants to foster natural decomposition and the growth of local ecosystems.

Pre-Need Arrangements

For those interested in pre-planning their burial arrangements, Serenity Ridge offers options that ensure their wishes are met while alleviating the burden on their loved ones during an emotionally taxing time.

When it comes to exploring burial options in Maryland many considerations arise. This is a time that marks the final tribute to the life of a loved one. Serenity Ridge Maryland, with our tranquil landscape and commitment to green burial practices, provides a profound and meaningful resting place for those seeking a peaceful and natural final journey. For more details, visit our Services page.